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A complete onboard administration solution


SEAMANAGER is the dedicated software onboard for carrying out administrative tasks such as

  • Crew management
  • Payroll
  • Vessel's account
  • Radio accounts
  • Port call administration
  • Vessel certificates
  • Rest hour registrations


Labour Convention 2006

SEAMANAGER assists the Master and the ship owner in complying with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

Backup and traceability

SEAMANAGER is based on rolling months, ensuring that all entries are filled out and reported to the office for accounting, payroll or follow up.

Integrated with shore office solution

SEAMANAGER is fully integrated with the office solution OMEGA, but can also be used independently on board the vessel.

Fully Customizable

SEAMANAGER can be customized/adjusted to each customer to fit their individual needs, whether it is different CBA’s appraisal methods, different working hour reports etc.

Quick overview of functions

Crew Management

is used to automatic sign on/off personnel and to change their capacity/duty status if necessary. You can also enter and maintain data regarding the crew. The program is automatically checking for Safe Manning and Reassignment. By integration/interface with land based systems all the crew data can be automatically imported. 


enables you to enter and view payroll details for the crew members. The Ships Account and the crew’s individual accounts can be maintained and printed. Allowance/Deductions, Mass Reporting, Shorthand Allowance, Cash Drawn/Returned, War Zone Information, Primo Rates (Currency exchange rates), Pay Slips, Monthly Ship’s Account are some of the features available in SEAMANAGER.

Crew Appraisal 

The Crew Appraisal Section is used to print performance evaluation forms and to register the appraisal results. This section is normally tailor made to customers requirements.

Rest Hour Registration Section (ILO 180)

helps the Master and the ship owner to achieve full control of the rest hour registration and to properly document any breach of regulations. A PDF file is once a month generated for each crew member and used for documentation. The file is sent to the office for archiving for 3 years according to the MLC 2006 requirements. The operator can use preprogrammed reason codes and standard reasons for violation of rest hour. Violations are clearly marked in red and thus easy to identify.

Radio Account

You can prepare the radio account for the Master, Charterer or for private consumption. Private radio/telephone expenses are transferred automatically to the Payroll Section every time the Radio Account Section is closed. Any changes/cancellations in the Radio Account Section are also transferred automatically.



The Bond Section keeps track of crew members’ consumption of items in the slop chest and maintains the inventory. The user can manage the complete sale and inventory follow-up for the slop chest onboard the vessel.


 helps the user to manage the victualling stock onboard his vessel and to maintain the inventory. The Master or the Chief Steward/Cook adds all purchases by using the Victualling Purchase function and maintains the victualling stock by using the “Victualling Inventory” function. The food days are automatically calculated for the crew and passengers signed on in the system. Any additional meals served onboard are added using the Victualling Food Days function

Vessels Certificate

 is used to create or update all the vessels PRIMARY certificates. There is also the possibility to create and update “Other Certificates” which are user-defined certificates. The Vessel Certificate section is solely the Master’s tool and is not integrated with other systems ashore or onboard. Some certificate information is however used on various port lists.

Port Information

 allows you to register the requirements for port documents in connection with ports of call, both arrivals and departures. The section includes a Ship Information window where all details of the vessel are shown. Many of these details are automatically used in the different port papers.

Integration with on shore crewing and Payroll

SEAMANAGER is fully integrated with the shore solution OMEGA, but can also be used independently on board the vessel.

OMEGA is a flexible, powerful and user-friendly crew management system specially designed for the payroll and crewing department, which is in charge of crew planning and salary accounts and the demanding requirements from global organizations.