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Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to check In and out?

Mounted tablets on board – with tailor made Face Recognition software – ensures that the crew can check in and out of ‘work mode’ without having to make one single keystroke. They simply check in and out of work/rest mode – in line with the operational reality – by showing their face


Who is handling the solution crew on board or shore?

REST MANAGER is a tool built for the vessel and the crew on board; yet it can share all relevant data with the shore side module (normally every 24 hours the content of each vessel database will be shared with the shore module)

Is there a lot of administration with the solution?

When signing on a seafarer a photo will need to be taken – and six data fields entered. Then the seafarer is ‘active’ in the system – and ready to use it. All personal data are kept on board the vessel (including crew photo’s).

What Hardware/infrastructure is needed to run the solution?

– Six to eight Android tablets (fixed mounted in locked casings) + 1-2 active spare tablets (in table holders) for Master/Chief Engineer
– One server with MS SQL (not necessarily a dedicated server; may be shared with other on board applications)
– Wireless network, routers etc. to be established on board (to be arranged by company IT staff)

How is the software installed onboard?

One installation package will be provided (to be installed on the on board server). From there all Android tablets will be installed/configured (via ‘pull’ concept).
Remote on board access/-support possible (e.g. via TeamViewer or similar tools)