Steen Christiansen

Partner, SeaPay

Steen has been working with IT and system development since 1996. The main focus has been on the technical side of the process. Steen has been working on all aspects of design, development, test, deployment of applications and support. Onsite deployment and training is offered if needed by the client. 

Key Skills

Customer focus, IT analysis and design, IT development in PowerBuilder and C#, Support and end user training, shipping business experience, pre-sales experience
Msc. Mechanical Engineering.

Phone: +45 29162905


The Board of Directors for SeaSolutions ApS

Leif Nielsen
Managing Director, SeaSolutions - Managing Partner, SeaPay

Jan Hornstrup
CEO Soft-Team

Jørgen Schouw
Manager, Soft-Team

Steen Christiansen
Partner, SeaPay

Søren Thorn
Partner, SeaPay

Jes Tousgaard
Naval Architect, SeaPay