Jes Tousgaard

Naval Architect, SeaPay

The Shipping industry has been the center of Jes' entire working life. With a background as a ship's officer and a naval architect he has been involved in a wide range of maritime activities at sea and in various positions on shore - mainly within IT related businesses.
A central area has been development and sales of loading computers with activities ranging from programming to managing a team of 15 programmers and maritime experts.
Jes' career path also includes a five year period working as a journalist at the Danish shipping weekly magazine.

Key Skills

Project management, IT analysis and design, interaction design, management of requirements, web technologies, data analysis, advanced Excel and VBA, ship design and construction, ship management and operation.

Phone: +45 2916 2865


The Board of Directors for SeaSolutions ApS

Leif Nielsen
Managing Director, SeaSolutions - Managing Partner, SeaPay

Jan Hornstrup
CEO Soft-Team

Jørgen Schouw
Manager, Soft-Team

Steen Christiansen
Partner, SeaPay

Søren Thorn
Partner, SeaPay

Jes Tousgaard
Naval Architect, SeaPay